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Jan 07 2015

Bridal Boudoir: Lady M

Lady M Boudoir 2 Lady M Boudoir 3 Lady M Boudoir 4 Lady M Boudoir 5 Lady M Boudoir 6 Lady M Boudoir 7 Lady M Boudoir 8 Lady M Boudoir 9 Lady M Boudoir 10 Lady M Boudoir 11

Lady M surely gave her fiancé a wedding gift to remember with the sultry photos from this bridal boudoir session. Lady M along with many other women are choosing bridal boudoir photos as a wedding gift to kick off their marriage with a little flare!

This session was unique because Lady M chose to make it a hybrid of boudoir and glamour photography. As you’ll notice, she’s wearing a vibrant dress in some of the images – a great way to compliment the sexy boudoir photos. This glamour/boudoir fusion not only allows Lady M to warm up to the camera, but also provide her with a great assortment of photos for her honey.

Another aspect I loved about this session was the fact that Lady M wore spanks! All boudoir and glamour sessions require the client to pick outfits which suit their personality and body types. In this case, I think Lady M was right on the money with these spanks because they shaped her body beautifully and accentuated her natural curves!

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