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Jun 10 2013

How to Get Movement in Your Boudoir Photography- {St. Louis and Kansas City Photographer}


I am so excited to share with you guys two of my favorite series of poses with Boudoir Photography!  This week and next week’s blog posts with showcase my favorite poses and include a quick How-to segment for photographers. If you are a client and are interested in doing a session, these blog posts will give you some cool ideas.


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I freaking LOVE Boudoir poses that incorporate some kind of moment or implied movement with body lines!  Seriously,  those are always my FAVORITE images from a session.  Movement of the eyes down the body line is so feminine and seductive.  If I could only get one boudoir pose per session, that would be the pose I chose, and I would consider a staple of every session.  My other fun movement poses, involve my clients bringing to life different element of their clothing.    The two images above show this sexy lady untying her corset and kicking her hips out to toss her skirt.  Both of these poses add action, give the client something to do, and create interest  {and usually real smiles:) }.

For Photographer:  How to Get Movement in Your Boudoir Photography 

  1.  Tell the client where you want them to end and what look you are going for.
  2. Have them look away from you to start, and then as they start the movement have them look towards you. (You will get less forced facial expressions).  Note: If you want them to end looking away from you, have them looking at you to start.
  3.  Take many trys to get it right.  My dancing pose above took 12-15 trys.  DON’T GIVE UP! This is hard work, but it’s worth it in the end.
  4.  For shots looking down the body line: Have clients bring their chin to their shoulder and then look at their shoulder.  It will appear as though they are looking down their body line:)


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