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Oct 19 2017

St. Louis Boudoir | 5 Reason to Try a Boudoir Session

Boudoir Photography St Louis


“You want me to be in my underwear, and pose, in front of another human being? No way! I just don’t like my body| I’m not in shape right now| I’m single | it doesn’t seem like me | I don’t have the money for something like this.”


St. Louis Boudoir Photography


Do these statements sound familiar?  So many women never get to experience how amazing and liberating doing a St. Louis Boudoir session can be because they let doubts get in the way of their fabulous! As a woman, there are days when I don’t feel sexy, pretty, or even presentable. It happens.  We all have crazy lives and are trying to excel at work, spend time with our families, invest in our relationships, be an involvement member of our communities, up keep our personal and spiritual growth, try to eat a vegetable, and maybe have some fun!


Without a specific occasion that we are celebrating it’s hard for some woman to see themselves as someone who would invest in boudoir photography.


Boudoir St. Louis Classy and Elegant


5 Reasons to Try a boudoir session: regardless of body type, fitness level, relationship status, shyness, and investment cost.


1. All body types are beautiful.  Yes, that means you!

As a professional photographer, I have experience working with ALL body types.  Whatever area you are worried about can be minimized by good wardrobe selection, great posting and fabulous lighting.  In my experience we all think the grass is greener on the other side. The skinny girls want to be curvy and the curvy girls want to be skinny! In the end they both love their boudoir photos:)


2. You will NEVER feel “In-shape” enough.

I don’t know what it is about woman, but we are never quite satisfied with ourselves! We have crazy high standards for how we think we should look, and we stress over “our thighs touching” or “our pouch.”  Our society today makes us think we need to look perfect, but since we are so hard wired to be critical of ourselves, that standard of “perfect” would continue to change even if we did “get rid of that pouch.”  The best gift you can give yourself is to accept yourself RIGHT NOW! LOVE yourself right now.  Stop letting societies crazy body ideals control your life.


STL boudoir photography natural light


3. Live your life to the fullest, whether you are single or dating or married!

Girlfriend, the sexiest thing you can do is be confident and you even if you are single! When you explore new things and give to yourself you gain confidence and power that makes you sexy and attractive to others.  Don’t sit on the side lines because you are single! Live the same life now you want to live in the future! You will be so much happier and you will find that people (men and woman alike) are attracted to your sense of self worth and confidence.


4. EVERYONE has a sexy side. I promise you!

Just because you are shy doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy or don’t hold a sexy feminine confidence.  EVERY woman has a beautiful feminine spirit inside. You are a GODDESS!  It’s different for every woman. Some are bold and expressive and others express their feminie zest in a subtle seductive innocent way. ALL IS AMAZING!  Please please let me show you your sexy:).


5. You can’t put a price on CONFIDENCE! But if you had to, there are payment plans:).

I promise that after you see your boudoir photography photos you will feel empowered.  Realizing you have this hidden sexy feminine self is so thrilling.  No matter what you look like on a given day in the future, you will look back and remember these photos, remember how beautiful you felt, and the inner strength and sex appeal you have.  If you are concerned about the investment cost you can always opt for a payment plan and split the cost of your session over 3-4 months:).


Contact Michelle today to book your boudoir session and browse the St.Louis Boudoir Photography gallery to get some ideas of what your session could be like!



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