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Sep 06 2017

Black and White Boudoir Photography St. Louis

Sweater Boudoir in Black and White STL

It’s September and as summer comes to a close that means one exciting thing…IT”S ALMOST SWEATER SEASON!  At Michelle Marie Photographie we LOVE to incorporate sweaters in our St. Louis Boudoir Photography sessions!


When you think of boudoir, you probably thing of lingerie, stockings, and corsets!  But it is our believe here at MMP, that casual wear, like sweaters, can be just as sexy as lace:).  A sweater with panties is such a playful outfit and can be pulled, tugged and bunched to expose small areas of a woman’s body that are incredibly sexy! Sometimes less is more when it comes to sexiness!  An exposed shoulder, or small patch of midriff gets the imagination going and heightens anticipation! Plus its something that you might wear around the house, and black and white sweater boudoir photos are so natural and its an outfit you very well might wear around the house! Thus this outfit seems real and has an air of familiarity to it!


See what you think in the images below!

Black and White Boudoir STL

Black and White Boudoir STL

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