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Apr 16 2015

How to Plan a Personalized and Unique Engagement Session

Even the best photographer in the world needs a story to tell to create a strong image. With the start of spring, comes the start of engagement photography sessions!  Whether I’m shooting the session in St. Louis Mo or Kansas City, the one thing all my couples have in common is the desire to have a unique and creative Engagement session.

Many couples think that if they hire a the best photographer in St. Louis they will get the images they are looking for.  And to an extent you will.  As a photographer, I often act as a creative director and can use various lighting techniques, lens selection, and shoot inspiration to product dynamic images.  But at the end of the day, my favorite sessions that were the most creative and unquie are the ones that were personalized by the couple, and enhanced by my photography skills.


Planning your engagement session should be fun, and result in a personalized session. What I love about Engagement photos is that they capture images of couples at such a neat time in their lives. The images depict a young couple before they are married, before they had children (in most cases), in the start of their “grown-up” lives, and when they were still young and free. Since this is such a special time in a couples lives, the images should be meaningful and the planning of the session should take time and thought. If you are reading this and planning your E-session, and you answer the five questions below… you will be on your way to having creative and different photographs.


5 Questions to Ask When Planning an Engagement Session:

      1. What image of yourselves do you want your engagement portraits to portray? Do you want your photos to show you and your fiancé as a boho couple young and living on love?
        Or many your want your images to show who you are a couple and what your interests? For example, are you both really into music, art or outdoor actives like hiking camping etc.? If you are like me you want a visual example:). Look at this couples Kansas Record Store session or this couples St. Louis Zoo Engagement session
      2. What feeling do you want your photographs to evoke?
      3. What type of location best fits your answers to questions 1-2?  Bonus if the location has special meaning to you guys as a couple.
      4. What clothing enhances the story and look you are trying to achieve for the session?
      5. What do you want to do with the photos after the session?

I know some of those questions seem a little deep!  But I guarantee they will lead you to a phanomiel result!

A strong personalized story line


Great location


Mad Photography Skills


Show stopping awesome images your friends will envy and your future children with cherish.

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