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St. Louis Glamour Portraits

Glamour Photography!

When you think of Glamour Photography and Glamour Portraits, you probably think of the 1980’s version of Glamour: big hair, hands cupping the face and a bright purple and pink background. Well I am here to say that Glamour has evolved into a classic Vogue fashion look! My Glamour images are posed and lit to resemble the fashion magazine portraits.  Have you ever looked at a cover of a magazine and thought you would like to have a picture of yourself that is that good?   Well here is your chance! I will make you look and feel like a model.  I believe that every woman is beautiful and I find that beauty in you by making you feel gorgeous inside and out.  Every shape, every race, every age has beauty waiting to be captured.

The V.I.P. Experience!-Glamor Portraits

At Michelle Marie Photographie I want you to have a memorable and praise worthy Glamour experience! Therefore, you are treated like a Celebrity from the moment you enter the St. Louis Studio (or Kansas City Studio and Fort Rucker AL Studio if at a satellite location). You will begin by relaxing in the make-up chair as my professional stylist starts your hair and make-up transformation!  With Glamour portraits, having your hair and make-up professionally done is a must! With soft music playing in the background you will be at ease and confident in your look by the time we start shooting. During the shoot, I will position you near one of my many large windows that will give you a beautiful soft feminine look due to the abundance of natural light.  I will pose you and direct you in a way that is flattering to your body, and that gives you images that showcase your inner and outer beauty. You will look and feel like a model, I guarantee it! Whether you’re a soccer mom, grandma, bride to be, young woman in her 20s or wiser woman in her 60s, you will see yourself in a new light.  This is a wonderfully empowering experience, and can be even greater enhanced if you choose to make it a mother daughter photography session or a session with your best friends. Groups are welcome!

Popular Reasons My Clients Choose to Do a Glamour Session:

  • Yearly Portrait of Documentation purposes
  • Anniversary Present
  • Mother Daughter Session: A Memory to Pass Down
  • Fun and Glamours Girls Day with Friends
  • Birthday Present
  • Father’s Day Present
  • Archival Album to Document Youth
  • Just Because “I’m Fabulous Present” to Yourself:)

I can not WAIT to meet you and give you this Glamorous Experience! Please visit the Contact page to book a session date or visit the Glamour Portraits Frequently Asked Questions page for further information.

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