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Apr 23 2015

Andrea + Fred’s Signature Wedding Photo Breakdown

Holiday Inn at Six Flags Wedding Photography


Challenges of this shot:

Andrea and Fred had their wedding at the Holiday Inn at Six Flags which is located just outside of St. Louis.  In case you are unfamiliar with Six Flags… it is an amusement park that was within a half mile of the hotel! Because of the close proximity to the amusement park, it was extremely difficult to get a shot without a rollercoaster in the background or a highway.
Luckily there was small patch of grass with come tree surrounding it on two sides that we were able to get SOMETHING!  It was also wicked hot and bright outside so we had to move fast before the bride and groom melted!  As much as I want to get the prefect shot, its always very important to me that my couples enjoy their wedding photography experience!
Photography wedding shot set up
For this shot I had the couple sitting in the shade alone the tree line.  In order to get the shot I wanted I need to be a few feet away but still have my camera shaded.  With the small patch of shade this meant that my body was in the sun and I was getting sun burnt.  Yes, I am that white.  And yes, I get sun burnt at every wedding I have to be outside for more than an hour:).  People who tan take their ability to expose themselves to UV rays for granted:).

What makes it a signature image?

The romance and the emotion in this image make it a signature image.  I love romantic poses and images that connect you to that moment.  But why does this image look so authentic and romantic? It’s because the bride and groom both have soft facial expressions, there is a close crop on the photo, and there are three points of connection between the couple: the shoulders, the noses, and the arms.  The best bride and groom portraits, and any photography session that has more than one individual, appear authentic, intimate, and candid with at least two points of contact between the couple.  Additionally, the close crop of the image draws your attention to the action of the photo, and cuts out distracting details like their feet.
Holiday Inn at Six Flags Wedding Photography-points connection

Is it perfect?


There are always one or two elements that can be improved to enhance any image.  If I were to redo this image of Andrea and Fred, I would include her finger tips in the photo and have Fred tilt his forward more towards Andrea.  I took another version of this photo the day of the wedding that had those corrections made, however their expressions had changed and seemed forced.  Expression always rules technical details :).


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