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May 21 2015

Katy + Steve Signature Wedding Photo

piper palm house wedding photos-40

Unlike my last signature wedding photo which focused on more technical aspects of photography such as photo placement, this signature photo is focused on the feeling of the wedding and capturing the emotion of the day.

The signature photo, and my personal favorite from Katy and Steve’s wedding is above. I truly love candid wedding photography because it allows an image to express such raw emotion in an organic manner. Although many photographers strive to take candid wedding photos, there is one key thing that many miss: truly knowing the couple that is being photographed. Sometimes it can be easy in the hustle and bustle of wedding season to power through, weekend after weekend, taking and editing photos. However, successful photographers always remember that the most reliable way to get the best photos is to take the time to get to know the couple, their interests and what their big day means to them.

For that reason, I always meet with the couple before taking a single shot to learn more about their relationship, how they met, who will attend the wedding, etc. More often than not, I shoot the engagement session for the couples before their wedding day so I have the opportunity to see how they interact with each other and what body movements and positions look most natural on them. Finally, I have every couple fill out a questionnaire with a plethora of information from the first dance song to their favorite candy. Put this series of touch points together and you’ve built a solid foundation on which to gauge the couple your photographing.

A photographer must always keep in mind that not every couple is hoping for the same set of classic images. Take for example, Katy and Steve, whose main focus was on organic photojournalistic images. You may have noticed from their full wedding photo post, but there are very few staged photos. (I might add that as a photographer, this kept me on my toes because I only had 30 minutes to take planned photos!) This natural way of photographing provided the couple with many greats shots that encapsulate the emotion of their wedding day for those closest to them.

The photo above is particularly moving for me because it was taken right after the ceremony while Katy was walking back down the aisle. As she made her way towards the door, she saw her daughter and reached to give her a hug. When I see this image, I am reminded of how beautiful this blended family has become and can imagine all they must have been through together in the past. To me this image says that family can overcome any obstacle.


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