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Hello, I’m Michelle and I’m very excited to meet you!


I am a world traveler/ adventure who loves the great outdoors and meeting new people who teach me fun things! O yeah, and I’m a hopeless romantic, who wants nothing more than to be the heroine in a Jane Austen novel:). My artist background as an Architect combined with my passions for travel, people, and true love, led me to photography in 2012!


Light-filled, Expressive, Romantic Images.

My photography approach is intimate and personal, and is based off of a close relationship with my clients. I want to get to know you, and who you are, in order to capture the truest and most beautiful version of yourself. My style of photography is inspired by fashion, art, and natural beauty in the world and in people.

The educational background in Architecture I received gives me a unique and creative perspective to viewing the world, and the graphic abilities to display my images in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

I view photography as an art form and I would love to create some beautiful art for you to display on your walls.


For My Wedding Clients:

I would love to be apart of your special day as your wedding photographer! And since I know how important it is to choose the right wedding photographer to fit your style and vision, let me share with you about my photography approach.

My approach to the wedding day is to creatively pose individuals during some shots, but also to stand back to capture candid moments as they unfold in a photojournalist manner.

I want to capture the love and emotion on your wedding day. I will be there for that image of your dad tearing up as he does the father daughter dance or to capture your grandmother’s face the first time she sees you in your wedding dress. I want you to have beautiful and elegant images that you can place in an album and pass down as a family heirloom. Photographs that bring you and your husband back to the emotions of your wedding, and to the love and excitement you felt that day.

I absolutely love weddings, and would love to help you document your wedding day!



Random Michelle Facts:

I have….

1. Owned Ducks!

2. Camped Solo in the Grand Canyon and surrounding Arizona parks

3. Photographed a wedding in India!

4. Bought my first house…and then sold it 6 months later:)

5. FINALLY put my bike rack on my car!

6. Studyed French in Montreal for the summer and lived in Paris!

7. Bought a Volkswagen Bus!


PLACES I’D LIKE TO GO:Ireland country side, New Zealand, Japan, Madagascar Island, the Galapagos Islands, Greece, and Prague.