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Oct 10 2012

Beluga Whales with Steve!-Atlanta GA

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I have been wanting to start a personal blog posting every Wednesday for a few weeks now.  I really wanted my readers to get a chance to see who I was and what I am up to in my personal life outside of photography.   To kick off the new personal Wednesday post I thought I would share some of my pictures from Steve and my 2nd year anniversary present to one another….a trip to swim with Beluga Whales in the Atlanta Georgia Aquarium! It was such a cool experience!  We had a chance to feed and interact with two different whales, a baby and an adult!  The baby whale is gray (so they can blend into their mother shadows) and the adult whale is white (which matches the Arctic ice sheets they spend most of their lives underneath)!  We learned so many cool things about Beluga Whales!  I really loved petting them and getting to hear all the cool noises they make with their blow holes by manipulating their soft melon head.  In the picture where the trainer is pressing on the whales head, it was trained to make a fart noise with its blow hole!  I thought that was fun! The whales just really want to have a good time:).  Steve and I love animals so this was a perfect way to celebrate two years of marriage together.  Happy belated anniversary Steve!



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