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Oct 26 2012

Fun Fact Friday: Pin-Up Outfits!

Fun Fact Friday: Pin Up Artists and Pin Up Outfits

Gil Elvgren

Originally for today’s posting I wanted to give a history of Gil Elvgren who is the a famous Pin Up Artist.  But then I decided to keep it short and simple, letting those who wanted to research him further do so by going to Gil Elvgren’s  website.  While I will not give his whole bio, I will say that his work, like the example in this blog post, is world famous and depicts a classic Pin Up Girl.   I really liked this particular image because Halloween is next week and it seemed really fun and appropriate.


Where to find a Pin Up Out Fit?

In the spirit of this Pin-Up inspired blog week, I also did a little research and found a cool website that sells recreation Pin-UP girl attire!  It has everything from swim suits to dresses to vintage lingerie and more!  It’s called Pin Up Girl Clothing!   Since pin up is such a popular theme for my boudoir photography clients, I thought that this link would be helpful!

I hope everyone enjoys their FRIDAY, and has a fun and safe weekend!

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