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Nov 02 2012

How To Photograph a GREAT Halloween Pumpkin_Dothan Photographer


Sometimes it can be hard to figure out the manual camera settings needed to take an illuminated picture at night.  In this posting I wanted to share how I captured this picture of our Halloween pumpkin last year!  A lot of it was trial and error!

In order to capture the glow of the pumpkin, you need to have a high ISO and a very very slow shutter speed. The shutter speed should be so slow that it should be on a tripod or have something supporting it that prevents camera blur that hand holding would cause.  In order to achieve this look you need to use ambient light and the light of the pumpkin to light the shot.    Keep in mind the higher your ISO the faster your shutter speed can be, because the higher the ISO the more sensitive your camera sensor is to light and the more light it absorbs.  It’s kind of like being outside in the death of winter with lots of layers of close on.  When you strip away a layer of clothes you are more sensitive to the air and feel the cold more.  So before you through out our Halloween pumpkins from Wednesday, take a cool picture of it and save it for next year!

Below are the settings I used to get the effect above:

Shutter speed- 1/4 sec

Aperture (f-stop)- 4.0





Michelle Marie Photographie is a photographer in Dothan AL, Panama City FL, St Louis MO, and Kansas City MO.

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