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Dec 21 2012

Most Popular Christmas Present in 2012

As the countdown to Christmas gets closer closer, I have nearly finished all of my Christmas shopping! Trust me when I say this is a change from years past when I would go to the only store open on Christmas to get last minute presents: Walgreens. This year, I’ve been doing a fair amount of my shopping online since Dothan, AL isn’t exactly the shopping capital of the United States. And let me tell you – it is a serious time saver!

I tended to go through Amazon.com for a lot of my online purchases and was curious what the top selling items are on what might be considered the largest retail website in the world! I was particularly interested to see what electronics or video games were selling the most. My husband, Steve, was really excited about the new Black Ops game that game out and I heard a lot of chatter about that so I figured it would be pretty high on the list. And of course jewelry is also an item in high demand for all of those significant others who really want to go above and beyond. Then I thought maybe the new iPhone 5 was the top seller.

But I was wrong. It turns out the new Kindle Fire takes the crown as best selling electronic item on Amazon by a VAST majority! I’ve never been on the Kindle bandwagon, but after researching some the features, I can see why they’re such a hit!

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