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Oct 31 2012

What Are You For Halloween?_Boudoir wardrope St Louis

2012 Halloween Costume!

Happy Halloween everyone!  This is my favorite time of year because I love to dress up in costumes.  This year I had a hard time picking out my custom, until it dawned on me that I have TONS of outfits and props from Michelle Marie Photographie’s awesome Boudoir and Glamour wardrobe!  So I sat down in front of the props and pieces of clothing to decide what I was going to combine to make a costume!  I decided that due to the sad fact that I have not been able to dance ballet in 8 months, I am going as a ballerina for Halloween!  But not just any ballerina, I’m going to be the Black Swan from Swan Lake, made popular by the recent movie.  I am using a black tulle skirt (that I made) for the tutu, a vintage lingerie corset for the top, and my own point shoes!  The make-up shouldn’t be that hard since It’s mostly eye make-up.  All I need to pick up today at hobby lobby is a crown so I can paint it black, and then voila! I will be a black swan!  Perhaps I will Bourrée towards trick or treaters as I hand them candy! I can’t wait!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!




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