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Sep 08 2014

Mandie & Luke Engagement Session!

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Mandie & Luke are incredibly personable and fun-loving people who came together in an ironic way. The two originally started talking because Luke’s friend was interested in Mandie’s friend and they started off by playing match maker. Needless to say, in the midst of trying to hook up their friends they realized that they had an amazing connection! The rest as they say – is history!

Although originally from the St. Louis area, Luke and Mandie currently live in California where he was recently relocated for his job in the Marines. Mandie is an Occupational Therapist by profession and they made the move with their two adorable kitties! As you can tell by the photos, they are considered part of the family and Luke has adopted them as his own.

I have to thank Mandie’s sister for introducing us and allowing me to opportunity to get to know this amazing couple over the last year. I am thrilled to shoot their wedding this coming weekend on September 13th in St. Louis, MO!! I know the ceremony and reception will be beautiful and I can’t wait to give them photos they can cherish for a lifetime!

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