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Sep 13 2017

What Is A First Look? | Why do a First Look At A Wedding?

First Look in Wedding Photography St Louis

A “First Look” is where the bride and groom see each other before the wedding ceremony, in an intimate and private meeting of just the two of them. The first look can take place indoors or outside in a park, in a church or in a backyard-the location is totally up to the couple!

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There are many different reasons a couple might choose to do a “First Look,” and while there are many benefits, it is not for everyone!  At Michelle Marie Photographie, we recommend a “First Look” in the following circumstances for our St. Louis weddings:


Top Five Reasons to do a First Look at Your St. Louis Wedding

  1. You are having a sunset wedding and would like couples and bridal party portraits with daylight.
  2. You are getting married in the fall, winter, or early spring and your wedding is very close to sunset because of the limited daylight at that time of year.
  3. You want to go to many photo locations that will take time to travel to, and you don’t want your guests to wait for you to start the reception.
  4. You would like to go straight from the ceremony into the reception without pause! Let’s party!
  5. You feel nervous around crowds of people and want an intimate and romantic first look experience with you and your fiancé. When you are one on one together it is easier to express yourselves and let yourselves feel all your emotions without fear of being watched!


First Look in Wedding Photography St. Louis


At the end of the day, the decision on whether or not to have a “First look” is a very personal one, and is 100% up to the couple!  We can work with any wedding schedule to help you fulfill your wedding dreams.



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